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We just posted the final schedule for DataEngConf San Francisco, April 7-8, 2016 and added even more great talks & workshops.

We're lucky to have two talks on Google's TensorFlow platform, including one by a TensorFlow committer! You can also participate in 2 free workshops we'll be running throughout the event - one on SparkSQL & one on Scikit-Learn.

Talks from these top companies:

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DataEngConf is the first engineering conference that tackles real-world issues with data processing architectures and covers essential concepts of data science from an engineer's perspective.

Hear real world war-stories from data engineering & data science heroes from companies like Google, Airbnb, Slack, Stripe, Netflix, Clover Health, Segment, Lyft and many more.

Full info & tickets:

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Nick Moy (Senior Software Engineer) and teammates at Chartbeat use Angular, SVG, and D3 to create the site's real-time data visualizations. Nick and his team decided to create a library that would reduce the learning curve and boilerplate while allowing for fast prototyping. This library is called C3 (think Chartbeat + Angular + D3).

In this talk, Nick reviews the pros and cons of Angular, SVG, and D3, explains how his team uses each tool to produce stunning visualizations, and walks through the challenges and successes of their C3 project.


This talk was given at Front-End Innovators hosted at Chartbeat in NYC. You can find the slides here.

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In this talk, Tal Galili, the founder of R-bloggers, will present his recent work "dendextend," a package intended for visualizing and comparing trees of hierarchical clusterings (a.k.a: dendrograms) with R. This talk was recorded at the New York Statistical Programming meetup at Knewton.


Tal begins his presentation with a short overview of  "dendrogram" object in R and its manipulation with the "dendextend" package. He then discusses how to create, change, visualize, and statistically compare two trees of hierarchical clusterings (with some sprinkles of Rcpp).

Tal ends with a 5-minute lightening talk teaching how one can quickly update R on windows/mac, using the 'installr' package.



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Here's the recording of the second talk from the first d3.js meetup of 2013.

Chris Viau, co-organizer of this meetup and the force behind d3visualization will be presenting on the d3 community, how to get the most out of it and how to get involved.

The d3 heatmap we showcased during the meetup is finally on github:


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Here's the recording of the first talk of the first d3.js meetup of 2013! Starting the year off with some talks about how to get started with D3:

Scott Murray, the author of Interactive Data Visualization for the Web and the best d3 tutorial on the web will be talking about learning d3.

The d3 heatmap we showcased during the meetup is finally on github:


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