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In production environments, it usually takes several applications and team members working together to accomplish moving data from one place to another. This problem can surface in companies of any size but is especially problematic when working at scale. This is because, when the data is being collected, it can come from different sources and likely in different formats which adds obvious complexity. Even if data is collected right, moving it at scale present other challenges that needs proper handling: duplicates, multiple destinations, exceptions and more.

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Data is critical to building great apps. Engineers and analysts can understand how customers interact with their brand at any time of the day, from any place they go, from any device they're using - and use that information to build a product they love. But there are countless ways to track, manage, transform, and analyze that data. And when companies are also trying to understand experiences across devices and the effect of mobile marketing campaigns, data engineering can be even trickier. What’s the right way to use data to help customers better engage with your app?

In this all-star panel hear from mobile experts at Instacart, Branch Metrics, Pandora, Invoice2Go, Gametime and Segment on the best practices they use for tracking mobile data and powering their analytics.

Che Horder is the Director of Analytics at Instacart, and previously led a team data science and engineering team at Netflix as Director of Marketing Analytics.

Gautam Joshi is the Engineering Program Manager of Analytics at Pandora and formerly worked at CNET/CBSi and Rdio. He helped create sustainable solutions for deriving meaning from large datasets. He’s a huge fan of music and technology, a California native and a proud Aggie.

Mada Seghete is the co-founder of Branch Metrics, a powerful tool that helps mobile app developers use data to grow and optimize their apps.

Beth Jubera is Senior Software Engineer at Invoice2Go, and was previously a Systems Engineer at IBM.

John Hession is VP of Growth at Gametime, and was previously Director of Mobile Operations and Client Strategy at Conversant.