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In this talk, Alex Poon, Founder and COO of x.ai will discuss choices and tradeoffs made by the team when designing its AI powered personal assistant. Alex will review their initial design approach, mistakes made and iterations done along the way. The talk will cover database, schema design, and data pipeline choices of x.ai.

Alex is the COO and Founder of x.ai, an artificial intelligence powered personal assistant. He has over fifteen years of experience in data analytics, software development and product management. Alex was VP of Engineering at Outbrain after it acquired the company he co-founded, Visual Revenue. Earlier in his career, as an engineer at Lockheed Martin, he built software for unmanned aerial vehicle and radio/wireless signal processing. Alex received his MBA from Columbia Business School. He also holds a MS and BS degree in Electrical Engineering. Zerg is his preferred race at Starcraft II.

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