Josh Wills Josh Wills on

As a long-time practitioner in the data field (roles at Google, Cloudera and others) Josh Wills, currently Director of Data Science at Slack, explains some of the real-world motivations and tensions between data science and engineering teams.

In his own humorous way, Josh brings up some controversial ideas in this talk (ETL in Javascript?!) which spurred some highly interesting Q/A from the audience as well as prolonged attendee discussions throughout the event.

(Sorry that the picture is a bit dark, we were playing w/ the lights - but the audio is good!)

This talk was a keynote recorded at our DataEngConf event in San Francisco.

Unknown author on

GopherJS is a compiler from Go to JavaScript. By now, it supports "nearly everything," including goroutines. It provides an opportunity to write front-end code in Go which will run in all browsers, enabling you to share data structures, code, and libraries from your back-end Go code, with benefits of having gofmt/goimports, godoc, static type checking, and helpful compilation error messages.

Amjad Masad Amjad Masad on

As the complexity of the apps we're building grows it becomes harder and harder to debug. Beyond your typical console.log and breakpoint insertion debugging Amjad Masad (Software Engineer, Facebook) discusses some of the lesser known JS debugging techniques that has helped him debug some of the more elusive bugs he’s seen while working on Facebook.

Kirill Cherkashin Kirill Cherkashin on

Most often, Chrome DevTools are used for JavaScript debugging. There are many more uses to be explored! In this talk, Kirill Cherkashin (Front-End Developer, Lab49) will review advanced DevTools features like workspaces, snippets, shortcuts, and extensions. The goal is to showcase the lesser known and used DevTools so that you can make best use of what it can offer.

Tom Buchok Tom Buchok on

As client-side apps grow, we find ourselves pushing more and more data into the browser. Streaming data provides an approach that's resource-friendly for our programs and provides the end-user with a nicer experience. In this talk, Tom Buchok (Principal, Compose New and buchok. com, ltd.) takes a look into streaming JSON and how it can work in the browser.

Mavina Puri Mavina Puri on

Bootstrap Beginnings and Getting Started with Ember.js - In the first lightening talk "Bootstrap Beginnings," Mavina Puri, from Condé Nast, discusses how to 'bootstrap' a web app with bootstrap and explains the bootstrap grid system. She focuses on a couple use cases, its core features and also its components, showing an example of bootstrap js and css utilities.

Danny Gershman Danny Gershman on

Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CTO of Cinchcast and BlogTalkRadio, and his colleague Danny Gershman will be presenting “Sharing Slides with 10,000 People in r/t: Socket.IO and Node.JS in Production” in this recording from the NYC Node.JS meetup. They cover tips on security and show how they approached securing their application. This tech talks covers securing Node.js & in production.

Steve Souders Steve Souders on

We attended a huge g33k gathering in San Jose not long ago - the TechXploration meetup where we were lucky enough to record an exciting talk by web performance guru Steve Souders. Steve was accompanied by (Javascript wizard) Douglas Crockford for a talk called "Your Script Just Killed My Site" about the prevalence of front-end SPOF (that's "single point of failure") along with key tips as to how to make your front-end code more resilient.