Wayne Warner Wayne Warner on

Senior front-end engineer Wayne Warner gives an overview of Brisket, Bloomberg's new open source isomorphic application framework. Brisket is a JavaScript library that helps you write one codebase that runs on the server and in the browser. Wayne talks about why they started the project, stumbling blocks they found, experiences building applications with it, and demos a simple app built with Brisket. The days of isolating your back-end code from your front-end code are finally over. If you want your app to be a rock-solid server-side rendering engine and a lightning fast client-side app at the same time, then scoot on over to their GitHub repo now.

Adam Warski Adam Warski on

Spray, once a stand-alone project, now part of Akka, is a toolkit for building and consuming REST services. SoftwareMill CTO and Co-founder Adam Warski demos how to build a simple REST service with Spray, and then consume it with a Spray-based client. He shows that new routes can be added very quickly, how to use type-safe query and path parameters, as well as how to create custom directives, reusing existing code.


This talk was given at the Scala Bay meetup hosted at SumoLogic in SF.