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In this talk, "Streaming Data Analysis and Online Learning," John Myles White of Facebook surveys some basic methods for analyzing data in a streaming manner. He focuses on using stochastic gradient descent (SGD) to fit models to data sets that arrive in small chunks, discussing some basic implementation issues and demonstrating the effectiveness of SGD for problems like linear and logistic regression as well as matrix factorization. He also describes how these methods allow ML systems to adapt to user data in real-time. This talk was recorded at the New York Open Statistical Programming meetup at Knewton.



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Peter Norvig (Engineering Director, Google) speaks about programming education, focusing on University sponsored courses such as Harvard and MIT's EdX online courses, Udacity and other online educational programs.

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sfrails meetup
This talk was recorded at the SF Ruby on Rails meetup at The Climate Corporation last week. Jeff Scheur will give a lightning talk on what he's learned developing an educational site that teaches students grammar/writing skills. He'll share insights on how to avoid pitfalls in ed-tech that get the better of many engineers and discuss what technological advances make him hopeful for the future of education.

How to Engineer Products for Students and Teachers — Winning in Ed-Tech


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