Silas Ray Silas Ray on

Silas Ray and his team at The New York Times have been developing automation testing tools. Major problems they've had to solve include poor result visibility and unresponsive results. The team built the open source tools Sneeze and Pocket Change to solve these problems. In this talk, Silas explains how the New York Times has integrated Sneeze and Pocket Change into their testing suite and demos code to help you get started.

Steven Fusaro Steven Fusaro on

The challenge with testing is no different than most: allocating resources. Its hard to sacrifice resources for testing at the cost of new features and still feel a sense of accomplishment – especially when such a sacrifice needs to be made every time you release. At Axial we release every day and have come to realize that such sacrifices need to be made consistently in order to maintain a top quality product. We recognized the need to make our testing efforts more reusable. We accomplished this by doing what the corpus does best: build. From this we built Axium, a test automation suite that is easily executed, understood, maintained and configured. This is the first of a series of posts that shows how we built Axium and contains the following independent parts:

1. Selenium – For test automation