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About the company

g33ktalk is a NYC-based tech startup building an international community of software engineers and helping each developers level up their skills. Our curated software development content is a must-have resource trusted by thousands of developers worldwide. We also act as developer agents, connecting top engineers directly with the best CTOs across our international network of startups and tech companies. Our clients/partners include top startups like eBay, Foursquare, Netflix, Tumblr, Google, and others. We have offices in New York and San Francisco with our network expanded to London, Berlin and Moscow.

What you can expect from g33ktalk

g33ktalk is looking for 2-3 energetic CS students for an internship opportunity in web development in our NYC office. At g33ktalk, we work as a team. We care less about the formality but focus on the quality of work. This is your opportunity to work with a high-energy startup on a team that knows how to get stuff done, and you'll develop practical, and valuable, web development skills in the process. You will be exposed to all sides of the business and learn knowledge from the whole spectrum. Most exciting of all, you will experience the opportunity to grow your personal and professional network through our deep relationships with the NYC and San Francisco Bay tech startup communities. The internship is paid, depending on level of experience. There is also the potential for the best candidates to secure full-time opportunities with the company in the future.