Patrick Reilly Patrick Reilly on

Patrick Reilly (Technology Strategist at Mesosphere, Inc.) gives an in-depth talk on Kubernetes and discuss how it can serve as the foundation for high-level tools, automation systems, and API layers.

Kubernetes is an open source implementation of container cluster management across multiple hosts. It uses Docker to package, instantiate, and run containerized applications and provides a basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of applications.


This talk was given at the GoSF meetup at Pivotal.

Richard Crowley Richard Crowley on

In this talk, Richard Crowley will discuss language features plus standard library and third-party packages that he uses at Betable to build scalable web services in Go. He'll talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the standard net/http package along with how they added third-party packages to shore up these weaknesses. He’ll also discuss JSON and its relationship with Go data structures, Go’s excellent support for reflection, and how to use it to create safe APIs. Richard will finish up by talking about logging and metric collection. (Much of what he'll cover is recently open-source as part of Tiger Tonic.) This talk was recorded at the GoSF meetup at Pivotal Labs.

Tim Moreton Tim Moreton on

"Understanding and Managing Cassandra's Vnodes + Under the Hood: Acunu Analytics" - In this talk, Tim Moreton, Founder and CTO at Acunu Analytics, and Nicolas Favre-Felix, Software Engineer at Acunu Analytics, share the concept, implementation and benefits of virtual nodes in Apache Cassandra 1.2 & 2.0. They also go over why virtual nodes are a replacement to token management, and how to use Acunu Analytics to collect event data, build OLAP-style cubes and ask SQL-like queries via a RESTful API, on top of Cassandra. This talk was recorded at the DataStax Cassandra SF users group meetup.

Eric Sammer Eric Sammer on

In this talk, Eric Sammer, from Cloudera discusses Cloudera's new open source project, Cloudera Development Kit (CDK), which helps Hadoop developers get new projects off the ground more easily. The CDK is both a framework and long-term initiative for documenting proven development practices and providing helpful doc and APIs that will make Hadoop application development as easy as possible. This talk was recorded at the Video Big Data Gurus meetup at Samsung R&D.

Unknown author on

In this panel discussion, Randy Bias from Cloudscaling, Nati Shalom from Gigaspaces, and Alex Freedland from Mirantis, each share their perspectives on the topic of embracing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIS and architecture as a part of the OpenStack project. Dave McCrory, SVP of Platform Engineering at Warner Music Group moderates the discussion. This talk was recorded at the OpenStack New York meetup at MongoDB, formerly 10gen.