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New York, NY

About Tapad Engineering

We build software that processes billions of data points per day to create a massive graph of internet-connected devices; it’s the foundation of the most advanced marketing technology, used by the world’s biggest brands.

We solve the advertising industry’s biggest problem by providing a unified view of an otherwise hopelessly fragmented stream of consumer activity in a cross-device, always-on world. This means tackling engineering challenges every day like:

- Responding to thousands of simultaneous HTTP requests within just a few milliseconds
- Analyzing terabytes of data to model relationships between billions of internet-connected devices

Technology Focus
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Beyond the Classifier: Inspiration from Engineering Algorithms

Many data scientists work within the realm of machine learning, and their problems are often addressable with techniques such as classifiers and recommendation engines. However, at Tapad, they have often had to look outside the standard machine learning toolkit to find inspiration from more traditional engineering algorithms. This has enabled them to solve a scaling problem with their Device Graph’s connected component, as well as maintaining time-consistency in cluster identification week over week.

In this talk Yael Elmatad, Data Scientist at Tapad, will discuss two algorithms they use frequently for these problems, namely the Hash-to-Min connected component algorithm and the Stable Marriage algorithm.

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Data Pipeline at Tapad

Tapad's data pipeline is an elastic combination of technologies (Kafka, Hadoop, Avro, Scalding) that forms a reliable system for analytics, realtime and batch graph-building, and logging. In this talk, Tapad Senior Software Developer Toby Matejovsky speaks about the creation and evolution of the pipeline. He demonstrates a concrete example – a day in the life of an event tracking pixel. Toby also talks about common challenges that his team has overcome such as integrating different pieces of the system, schema evolution, queuing, and data retention policies.


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This talk was given at the NYC Data Engineering meetup hosted at Spotify HQ in NYC.


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High-Volume, Low-Latency Ad Tech at Tapad

Tapad Director of Engineering, Toby Matejovsky talks about how his team built and scaled their cross device digital advertising platform that handles over 50,000 queries per second per server with sub-millisecond latency, 95-99% of the time. Toby shares lessons learned, scaling tips and best practices as well as answer questions ranging from tools and technologies to people and processes.


This talk was given at the Scale Warriors of NYC meetup hosted by Tapad.

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