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Square New York

New York, NY

About Square New York Engineering

Engineers at Square are changing the world by enabling
anyone to open a business and accept credit cards. With the goal
of creating simplicity on both sides of the counter, our job is anything but simple.
It demands creativity, discipline, and attention to detail. That's the story we want to share.

Square is simplifying commerce for everyone. We began with a simple idea: everyone should be able to accept credit cards. Today, we’re redesigning the payments experience for buyers and sellers alike—from hardware to pricing structure to payments.

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Square's Machine Learning Infrastructure and Applications

Machine learning applications like fraud detection and recommendation have played a key role in helping Square achieve their mission to rethink buying and selling. In this talk, Dr. Rong Yan (Director of Data Science and Infrastructure, Square), gives a high-level overview of data applications at Square followed by a deep dive on how machine learning is used in our industrial leading fraud detection models.


This talk was given at the NYC Machine Learning meetup hosted by Pivotal.

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Square's Distributed Payment Infrastructure

In this talk, Square engineering lead Wiktor Macura talks about Square's distributed payment infrastructure detailing methods for building distributed secure systems that are optimized for various permutations of performance and reliability. By the end of this talk you will have developed a better appreciation for the CAP theorem, breaking the rules, and generally making amazing customer focused systems. This talk was recorded at the NYC Data Engineering meetup at Ebay NYC.


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Continuous Deployment at Square: Hard & Soft Skills to Avoid Outages

In this talk, Pascal-Louis Perez of Square NYC will  share lessons learned at Square and provide a detailed layering of the best practices that they employ. This talk will cover non-controversial topics such as Test Driven Development, but from new angles. We'll also cover emerging practices like continuous deployment, and softer areas such as engineering management practices geared towards safety. This talk was recorded at the Continuous Delivery NYC meetup at Etsy Labs.


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