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The Right Way to Track Mobile Data

Data is critical to building great apps. Engineers and analysts can understand how customers interact with their brand at any time of the day, from any place they go, from any device they're using - and use that information to build a product they love. But there are countless ways to track, manage, transform, and analyze that data. And when companies are also trying to understand experiences across devices and the effect of mobile marketing campaigns, data engineering can be even trickier. What’s the right way to use data to help customers better engage with your app?

In this all-star panel hear from mobile experts at Instacart, Branch Metrics, Pandora, Invoice2Go, Gametime and Segment on the best practices they use for tracking mobile data and powering their analytics.

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Routing billions of analytics events with high deliverability in a hostile environment

Segment’s API has scaled significantly over the past three years and has grown from processing a trickle of events to tens of thousands per second. Today, Segment processes tens of billions of events each month and sends them to hundreds of partner APIs.

It can be a very hostile environment. Partners fail frequently, customers send highly variable data and instances regularly die. As a result, Segment has invested heavily in tools for monitoring, failover and fairness when it comes to routing events through its system.

In this talk, CTO Calvin French-Owen will discuss how Segment continues to maintain a high quality of service, how its infrastructure has evolved over time and where it's heading in the future.

This talk is from DataEngConf SF in April 2016.

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