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About Handy Engineering

We are building an engineering team capable of gracefully overcoming the woes and demands of a rapidly scaling double sided market. We focus on developing our own talents and expertise so that we have an arsenal of tools and skills to deploy at any challenge before us. At Handy, our passion for technology is only contested by our desire to create practical solutions for our customers. Our engineers work with a variety of technologies on every level of the stack, and with our guild meetings and engineering initiatives, we are improving our craft every day.

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Introduction to the HTML5 Geolocation API

Scott Luptowski from Handy walks through how to use the HTML5 geolocation API. Scott highlights the excellent support and feature parity across browsers (out of the box through IE 9.0) and discusses what's required, what's available and some common error cases.


This talk was recorded at the NYCHTML5 meetup at Condé Nast.

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Downtime Deployment is Solved, Data Migration Isn't

The anatomy of downtime

We’ve all been there - it’s starting to get late and it’s one of those days where things just seem to be taking forever. Continuous delivery has pushed a new code version out, but error signals are slowly starting to accumulate. At first you dismiss them, but then you look closely and release a shout heard by every engineer on your team “F%$#ing s@#t - who renamed a database column without telling anyone?”. Steve, one of the junior devs, who up until a second ago was so excited about his code going to production for the first time, answers: “It was me, but I changed all the references so there shouldn’t be any problem”. You sigh and facepalm, yet thank Eric, that guy that finally convinced you to fix rollback last week. Just another story of averted downtime.

We’re engineers. Downtime is an admission of failure. “What, you couldn’t change data centers, migrate all the data, and deploy a re-architected version of your system with no downtime??” (for the record, we have done that in the past), and with web apps supporting multiple timezones, maintenance windows are no longer a valid option.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because it’s time we have patterns and tools that allow us to avoid it. We’re definitely moving in the right direction, for example…

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Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin - Architecture: The Lost Years

Want to create best-in-class applications? Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) is here to show you how. In this talk, he explains high-level and practical strategies to clean up your architecture.


Uncle Bob has been a software professional since 1969. He has authored "landmark" books on Agile Programming, Extreme Programming, UML, Object-Oriented Programming, C++ Programming and Clean Code.

This talk was presented at a Handybook Tech Talks in NYC.

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