Who says that Open Source Software does not have support?

Open source tools usually delegate their support service to community forums. How reliable is this strategy? In this talk, Rosaria Silipo answers that question and this one, "who says that Open Source Software does not have support?"  She measures the efficiency of the community forum from 2007 to 2012 of KNIME, an open source data analytics platform. Commonly used techniques in social media analysis, such as web crawling, web analytics, text mining, and network analytics, are used to investigate the forum characteristics. Each part is described in detail during this presentation. This talk was recorded at the SF Data Mining meetup at inPowered.


More info: After crawling the forum web site, a few basic statistical measures create an insight about the forum performances. After that, the topics discussed in the forum are taken into consideration, since they clearly describe the evolution of the users’ interests and wishes over time. This part classifies topics and detects topic shifts in time, combining text mining with predictive analytics techniques. The last workflow examines how users interact with each other in different discussion groups using network analytics techniques.

More Info: http://www.knime.com/files/knime_web_knowledge_extraction.pdf