What We're Watching This Week: Events in NYC and SF

We know you need another reason to chat about engineering over beer and pizza. Here are the events in NYC and SF we're watching this week:


When Fast isn’t fast enough: Go Real-time with Open Source In-Memory Computing (Weds, Apr 2)
Hear Dmitriy Setrakyan, Co-founder and EVP Engineering of the leading In-Memory solutions from GridGain Systems present what In-Memory Computing is, the uses cases for it and why it is getting so much attention now.

Dieter Plaetinck - Metrics Stack 2.0 (Thurs, Apr 3)
Metrics 2.0 is a set of conventions around metrics. Compatibility between tools increases dramatically, dashboards can automatically convert information needs into graphs, graph renderers can present data more usefully, anomaly detection and aggregators can work more autonomously and avoid common mistakes.


Deep Learning: Theory, Practice and Predictions! (Thurs, Apr 3)
In this talk, Kiel examines the prerequisites to setting up continuous integration, the details of creating bots on Xcode Server, and the features that are available on Xcode Server along with their uses.

The Distributed Database Internals of InfluxDB (Thurs, Apr 3)
We'll go over the design considerations, technologies, and tradeoffs of InfluxDB, an open source distributed time series, events, and metrics database. We'll talk about how data is replicated within a cluster, how failover occurs, and the evolution of how we decided to split data across a cluster of machines.