Using Clojure for Data-Driven Mobile App Development

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In this talk, we hear from Marc Schwartz about mobile app development in Clojure. First, we'll hear about the Clojure mobile development landscape. Then, we'll dive into details about Marc's new platform, which solves the slow development cycle that hampered earlier approaches. This talk was recorded at the NYC Clojure Users Group meetup at Two Sigma Investments.


Marc's new platform leverages Clojurescript and the Apache Cordova libraries to create Mobile Apps that meet the following criteria: Run-time Modifiable, Data-Driven, Infinitely Customizable. In this system, the App state is represented by a data-structure and single atom that can be updated at run-time using Clojure's copious library of data manipulation functions. In the system, user input (pushing buttons, typing text) are treated as data artifacts and can be combined with other data sources (biometrics, financial data, weather reports, etc.) to update the App's state and thus the presentation and utility of the App. The aim of this system is to enable developers to rapidly create Mobile Apps that are data and context aware.


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