Understanding and Managing Cassandra's Vnodes + Under the Hood: Acunu Analytics by Tim Moreton and Nicolas Favre-Felix

"Understanding and Managing Cassandra's Vnodes + Under the Hood: Acunu Analytics" - In this talk, Tim Moreton, Founder and CTO at Acunu Analytics, and Nicolas Favre-Felix, Software Engineer at Acunu Analytics, share the concept, implementation and benefits of virtual nodes in Apache Cassandra 1.2 & 2.0. They also go over why virtual nodes are a replacement to token management, and how to use Acunu Analytics to collect event data, build OLAP-style cubes and ask SQL-like queries via a RESTful API, on top of Cassandra. This talk was recorded at the DataStax Cassandra SF users group meetup.


Understanding and (Not) Managing Virtual Nodes in Cassandra

Virtual nodes were added to Cassandra in version 1.2 and are now the default distribution model for the newly released Cassandra 2.0. This talk will explain the concept and implementation of virtual nodes in Cassandra, and the numerous benefits it brings. We will show you how virtual nodes make token management a thing of the past, improves the failure characteristics, improves bootstrapping and decommission speed, make incremental cluster growing and shrinking possible, and much more.

 Under the Hood of Acunu Analytics

Cassandra is a great fit for building real-time analytics applications -- but getting from atomic increments to live dashboards and streaming queries is quite a stretch. In this talk, we'll talk about how and why we built Acunu Analytics, which allows you to collect event data, build OLAP-style cubes, and ask SQL-like queries via a RESTful API on top of Cassandra. We'll dive into how it works and show how it follows Cassandra's spirit of denormalization under the hood.

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