Top Ten DevOps Posts to check out

We've taken some advice from some incredibly smart people and collected this round-up of some of the very best devops posts around. If you want to know how the experts approach the principles and practices behind modern automated systems look no further.

1. David Pink talks on what motivates knowledge workers: a sense of autonomy, mastery purpose. Video here

2. Paul Hammond's insightful PDF presentation, Always Ship Trunk: managing change in complex websites. PDF here

3. Quora thread that asks, "Why are software estimations consistently off by a factor of 2 or more?" Thread here

4. Dr. Nancy Leveson's awesome talk on the modern view of risk in the aerospace industry. Video here

5. Ed Keyes talk, "Sufficiently Advanced Monitoring Is Indistinguishable From Testing". Video here

6. James Bach explains helps define Exploratory Testing in this post. Article here

7. Chad Dickerson has a collection of answers to the freqently-asked "How does Etsy do X?" questions. Article here

8. Ross Harmes article "Flipping Out" is a bit dated but still very relevant as he talks about how Flickr implemented config flags. Article here

9. Xavier Amatriain & Justin Basilico write about system architectures for personalization and recommendation. Article here

10. John Allspaw talks about learning from failure at Etsy. Article here

A collection of DevOps books

1. Dr. Cem Kaner's free Black Box Software Testing course for learning to design tests. Online course/book here 

2. Software Testing Techniques by Boris Beizer (out of print, available used) is one of the only comprehensive books on testing algorithms. Book here

3. The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error by Sidney Dekker explains the logic of not blaming people for system failures. In other words it makes the argument for never punishing anyone for breaking the site/app. Book here

4. The ETTO Principle by Erik Hollnagel is the source of the meme "looking for the root cause of failure makes exactly as much sense as looking for the root cause of success" that is often quoted by John Allspaw. Book here

5. xUnit Test Patterns by Gerard Meszaros  is a dictionary of testing terminology. Book here

6. Peopleware by DeMarko and Lister talks on productive projects and teams. Book here