Top Big Data skills? MongoDB and Hadoop

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According to new research from the UK’s Sector Skills Council for Business and Information Technology, the organization responsible for managing IT standards and qualifications, Big Data is a big deal in the UK, and MongoDB is one of the top Big Data skills in demand.  This meshes withSiliconAngle Wikibon research I highlighted earlier, detailing Hadoop and MongoDB as the top-two Big Data technologies.

It also jibes with JasperSoft data that shows MongoDB as one of its top Big Data connectors:

Source: Jaspersoft 2012

MongoDB is a fantastic operational data store.  As soon as one remembers that Big Data is a question of both storage and processing, it makes sense that the top operational data store would be MongoDB, given its flexibility and scalability.  Foursquare is a great example of a customer using MongoDB in this way.

On the data processing side, a growing number of enterprises use MongoDB both to store and process log data, among other data analytics workloads.  Some use MongoDB with its built-in MapReduce functionality, while others choose to use the Hadoop connector or MongoDB’s Aggregation Framework to avoid MapReduce.

Whatever the method or use case, the great thing about Big Data technologies like MongoDB and Hadoop is that they’re open source, so the barriers to download, learn, and adopt them are negligible.  Given the huge demand for Big Data skills, both in the UK and globally, according to data from Dice and, it’s time to download MongoDB and get started on your next Big Data project.

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