The Fault Tolerant Magic of Erlang by Mahesh Paolini-Su​bramanya

In this talk, Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya, from Ubiquiti Networks talks about the buddha-nature of Erlang/OTP, pointing out how the various features of the language tie together into one seamless Fault Tolerant whole. This talk was recorded at the Lisp NYC Meetup at Meetup HQ.


Mahesh emphasizes that Erlang begins and ends with Fault Tolerance. Fault Tolerance is baked into the very genes of Erlang/OTP - something that ends up being amazingly useful when building any kind of system.


Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya is the V.P. of R&D at Ubiquiti Networks - a manufacturer of disruptive technology platforms for emerging markets. He has spent the recent past building out Erlang-based massively concurrent Cloud Services and VoIP platforms. Mahesh was previously the CTO of Vocalocity after its merger with Aptela, where he was a founder and CTO.

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