Tech Talks for SF and NYC Engineers: April 14 - 18th

The bad news: #Pycon is over.

The good news: There are many great tech talks happening in NYC and SF this week! We hope to see you out and about.


April Clojure Meetup (Mon, Apr 14)
You'll learn how Cascalog is used as a part of Intent Media's prototyping and prooduction machine learning pipelines.

Sailthru: Creating an iOS App to Tame MongoDB + CocoaPods: Dependencies Managed (Mon, Apr 14)
David Hoerl (Lead Mobile Engineer at SailThru) will explain his "paper and pencil approach" to writing code.

Storing Large Files in Cassandra (Tues, Apr 15)
Russell Bradberry (Principal Architect at SimpleReach) explains how Cassandra should can be used to store files that need to be replicated and highly available.

Where There’s Smoke - Stories from DevOps Firefighters with Mehdi Daoudi (Thurs, Apr 17)
Mehdi Daoudi (Co-founder and CEO of Catchpoint Systems) shares lessons from his 20 years of experience in Web Performance and offer useful tools, tips, and lessons to DevOps engineers.


Chris Sachs: Designing with Abstract Types (Mon, Apr 14)
Chris Sachs designed the experimental Scala Basis library. His talk focusses on type abstraction, and how to wield it effectively to create simple, robust, performant designs.

Intro to Behavior Driven Development with Behat (Thurs, Apr 17)
George Perry covers the philosophy of the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) testing style and how to implement BDD style functional tests with Behat.