Storm at Spotify: Deployment and Use Cases

This is the first time that a Spotify engineer has spoken publicly about their deployment and use cases for Storm! In this talk, Software Engineer Neville Li describes:

  • Real-time features developed using Storm and Kafka including¬†recommendations, social features, data visualization and ad targeting

  • Architecture

  • Production integration

  • Best practices for deployment


Spotify is an exciting case study - users create 600 Gigabyte of data per day and 150 Gigabyte of data per day via different services. Every day 4 Terabyte of data is generated in Hadoop, a 700-node cluster running over 2.000 jobs per day. They currently have 28 Petabytes of storage, spread out over 4 data centres across the world.

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This talk was presented at the New York City Storm User Group hosted at Spotify HQ in NYC.