Square's Distributed Payment Infrastructure

In this talk, Square engineering lead Wiktor Macura talks about Square's distributed payment infrastructure detailing methods for building distributed secure systems that are optimized for various permutations of performance and reliability. By the end of this talk you will have developed a better appreciation for the CAP theorem, breaking the rules, and generally making amazing customer focused systems. This talk was recorded at the NYC Data Engineering meetup at Ebay NYC.


More info: Square's mobile app is essentially a node in a distributed system spanning untrustable networks of wildly variable latency and reliability. Motivated by the sensitivity of payment information and the importance of reliable processing for merchants, we trace the life of a swipe within Square's systems. Along the way we'll encounter challenges of compartmentalizing sensitive data, balancing correctness with performance, and look at how the financial implications of our data stream both simplify and add complexity to classic computer science.