Jesse Yates on the HBase Snapshotting Patch

Last week we were lucky to record Jesse Yates' (SalesForce) impressive talk on the Snapshotting patch that is about to be committed to the HBase trunk.

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In this tech talk, Jesse Yates discusses HBase snapshotting. In particular he discusses the HBase Snapshotting Patch. Doing good-practice things like backing up your data, restore data, prevent loss, and have a good sandbox environment is great. But they are difficult to do when you deal with petabytes of data.  Some not so great solutions are to replicate data, but that has many turnoffs about it. Jesse also discusses the so-called Facebook solution. But that also isn't perfect.

So HBase introduced snapshots which are coming in HBase version 0.96.

HBase snapshotting is fast, provides backup and recovery options, and a few other features that developers have been waiting for. Snapshots come in three types 1) Offline snapshots, 2) Globally consistent, and 3) Timestamp consistent.


Jesse Yates is a high level technical employee at SalesForce. He us a big data analytics and scalability software developer. Jesse is well versed in most the major big data frameworks and tools, ala Hadoop, HBase, Accumulo, Avro. He is concentration now on building cool software and spending as much time coding as possible, trying to give back to the community when possible.