Rent The Runway - Building Web Services with DropWizard

In this talk, Camille Fournier from Rent The Runway, explains why they chose Dropwizard to build their SOA, and the advantages it gives for "operation-driven webservices". This talk was recorded at the NYC Tech Talks meetup group at Meetup HQ.


Camille will also explain how Rent The Runway ended up with Dropwizard after trying other alternatives (Play, Glassfish, Spring), what advantages it gives out of the box for operational transparency (metrics, graphite), ease of use and will give some demos around building simple software services in DW. She will also discuss why they wanted to build operations-driven webservices in the first place.


Camille Fournier is the Head of Engineering at Rent the Runway, where she has overseen the replatforming of the consumer-facing systems from Drupal to a Java+Ruby SOA system. Prior to joining Rent the Runway she was an infrastructure engineer at Goldman Sachs. In her limited spare time she is a distributed systems hacker, serving as a PMC member and committer for the Apache ZooKeeper project.