Real-Time Metrics w/ Rickshaw & Node.js

Here's the audio from the recent Node.js group in NYC featuring David Chester discussing real-time metrics using Rickshaw.

It makes a big difference to be able to see change as it happens. In this talk we'll take a tour of open-source tools that let us aggregate and visualize client-side and server-side events for real-time analytics and monitoring.

David Chester is the primary author of Rickshaw, a javascript toolkit for graphing time-series data. He hails from Shutterstock, where he has his hands in software architecture and front end development.

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David Chester is an Engineer at Shutterstock

Shutterstock is an engineering-driven business that embodies developer empowerment. Our engineers work on creative, cross-functional teams that drive product development forward from the ground up. We focus on fast, iterative development and deploy code more than 150x/month. We encourage our engineers to build their own tools, and also promote knowledge sharing and camaraderie across the organization via extensive internal engineering talks, events, team outings and hackathons.