You Should Read These Sites to be a Master Startup CTO

Successful CTOs must keep up with the latest tools, technologies, and trends. We've asked a few CTOs, engineering VPs and engineering managers to tell us which blogs, aggregators, and Twitter feeds they check each week.

Whether you’re already a CTO or aspire to become one someday, these resources shouldn’t be missed.

Chris Angove, Engineering Chapter Lead at Spotify


"We have a strong culture of sharing things within Spotify so I find myself reading things from around the web. Here’s a list of my regular visits."

Cap Watkins’s Blog
Cap Watkins is a Senior Product Design Manager at Etsy. He writes insightful posts about design, management, hiring, and productivity.

First Round Review
This blog has some of the best content about product management and engineering leadership on the web.

Crisp's Blog
The Crisp Counsultants work out of Stockholm and are obsessed about engineering culture and management, UX, and agile practices.

The Netflix Tech Blog
This is a great example of what happens when you create a culture of writing and storytelling in your company.

The Effective Engineer
Edmond Lau collects habits, productivity hacks, and knowledge to make engineers more effective leaders.

Sean O’Connor, Lead Application Engineer at Bitly


CloudFlare Blog
"Great technical posts on how they're dealing with some hard challenges on the front line."

Devops Reactions
"Always good for a quick nerdy laugh."

Rands In Repose
"A solid mix of technical posts and posts on surviving as a human (related note, Managing Humans is a great book)."

High Scalability
"Lots of technical deep dives and real world experiences."

Dan McCormick, SVP, Technology at Shutterstock


"I read community aggregators like r/programming and Hacker News."

On Freund, VP Engineering at Handybook


Rands in Repose
"If you're a CTO and you're only reading one blog, you should be fired immediately, but that one blog that you do read had better be Rands."

Martin Fowler's Blog
"There are architects who like to talk in high level abstractions . There are engineers that like to talk about practical technologies. Martin Fowler is the intersection."

Startup Management
"Apart from being a leader and a technologist, a CTO must understand all aspects of the business. William does a great job curating content related to almost any part of running a startup."