Rails Challenges and Demystifying Rest APIs

Rails Challenges and Demystifying Rest APIs - First Talk by Daniel Kehoe: This talk is for Rails initiates as well as the managers and mentors who help them gain skills and improve. Rails can be difficult for new developers. In this talk Daniel Kehoe talks on the challenges of learning Rails and how to help all Rails developers overcome the obstacles.


Second Talk by Kirsten Jones: Struggling with integrating Web Services? Kirsten Jones from 3Scale will give you a whirlwind tour of the entire web services stack, from the HTTP layer to authentication models, and demonstrate methods you can use to debug issues when integrating with APIs.  Common issues and resolutions will be covered as well, to make sure you can get those integrations up and running with a minimum of hair-pulling.


Bio: Daniel Kehoe teaches popular classes for Rails students and is the founder of the open source RailsApps project, which produces Rails example applications and the Rails Composer application template. His new book, "Learn Ruby on Rails", will be released this Fall.

Bio: Kirsten Jones is a Developer Evangelist at 3Scale. She is a software engineer at heart with extensive experience in development, planning, customer support and interaction. She loves helping developers get the most out of open APIs, including finding ways to combine those APIs to create new and exciting products.

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