Python on Rails

Victor Levy (Senior Consultant, Princeton Consultants) talks about COSMA (CSX Onboard Systems Management Agent). COSMA is a Python application hosted on locomotives, designed to monitor, check out, and upgrade safety-related locomotive systems. In this illuminating talk, Victor discusses the challenges of Python programming for train systems and how COSMA works.

Positive Train Control (PTC) is an automated safety system required for all Class-1 railroads and locomotives to implement. The system detects dangerous situations and warns the crew to take action. It can also automatically take action itself if the crew does not respond.

For PTC, locomotives need new equipment on board including computers, displays, radios, radio towers, and onboard routing servers. With all the new equipment comes a great need to make sure they are running correctly, upgraded when needed, and monitored.


This talk was given at Two Sigma hosted by The New York Python Meetup Group.