Practical Deep Learning Lecture: Machine Perception and Its Applications (Deeplearning4j)

Adam Gibson (Data Scientist and Co-Founder, presents his open-source, distributed deep-learning framework, Deeplearning4j. He demos sentiment analysis and facial recognition tools.


DL4J is a commercial-grade platform written in Java and compatible with Hadoop. Its neural nets work for image recognition, text analysis and speech-to-text. DL4J has implementations of such algorithms as binary and continuous restricted Boltzmann machines, deep-belief nets, denoising autoencoders, convolutional nets and recursive neural tensor networks. Users with a working knowledge of Java will be able to undertake anomaly/fraud detection, recommendation engines and social-media ranking systems, among many other machine learning applications.

This talk was presented at the SF Neural Network Aficionados Discussion Group hosted by NextSpace in San Francisco.

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