Netflix - Pig With Lipstick by Jeff Magnusson

In this talk Manager of Data Platform Architecture Jeff Magnusson from Netflix discusses Lipstick, a tool that visualizes and monitors the progress and performance of Apache Pig scripts. This talk was recorded at Big Data Gurus meetup at Samsung R&D. Comments are available here.

While Pig provides a great level of abstraction between MapReduce and dataflow logic, once scripts reach a sufficient level of complexity, it becomes very difficult to understand how data is being transformed and manipulated across MapReduce jobs.  The recently open sourced Lipstick solves this problem. Jeff emphasizes the architecture, implementation, and future of Lipstick, as well as various use cases around using Lipstick at Netflix (e.g. examples of using Lipstick to improve speed of development and efficiency of new and existing scripts).



Jeff manages the Data Platform Architecture group at Netflix where he is helping to build a service oriented architecture that enables easy access to large scale cloud based analytical processing and analysis of data across the organization. Prior to Netflix, he received his PhD from the University of Florida focusing on database system implementation.

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