NYC and SF Tech Talks: April 7 - 13th

We hope to see you at a few of these talks! As always, we'll post the video of talks we attend as they are recorded and edited.

NYC Events

Bluetooth Night: Akbar Dhanaliwala, Chris Mollis, Craig Miller, and Ernst Schmidt (Tues, Apr 8)
Akbar Dhanaliwala of Pocobor will present CoreBluetooth with custom hardware. Chris Mollis, Craig Miller, and Ernst Schmidt of Objectlab will run through a live end-to-end demo of iBeacons and CoreLocation.

Writing DSLs with Parslet (Tues, Apr 8)
Parslet makes it easy to write well-designed DSLs in pure Ruby. In this talk you’ll learn the basics, feel out the limitations of several approaches and find some common solutions.

MLConf (Fri, Apr 11)
This is a full-day conference on Machine Learning with presentations from Google, Yahoo, Netflix, Cloudera, Ayasdi, Oxdata, and others.

Matrix of Detection, Computer Vision in browser, Client Side Storage: IndexedDB(Weds, Apr 16)
Join over 80 other HTML5 engineers for this talk about IndexedDB.

SF Events

Cassandra Day Silicon Valley 2014 (Mon, Apr 7)
Cassandra Day Silicon Valley is a full-day meetup event based in Silicon Valley, dedicated to bringing both beginner and expert Cassandra users together to learn more about our favorite open source NoSQL offering.

How AdMobius Uses Cascading to Connect Mobile Data to its Users (Mon, Apr 7)
Come and join Jyotirmoy Sundi, Data Engineer at AdMobius, to learn more about how by adopting Cascading, AdMobius was able to create their “Device Graph” data application and experience accelerated application development cycles coupled with quality test-driven development best practices.

Accessing External Hadoop Data Sources using Pivotal Xtension Framework (PXF) (Tues, Apr 8)
Listen to Sameer Tiwari talk about Pivotal Xtension Framework (PXF). PXF is in the process of being open-sourced.

API Meetup #9, Hosted by Capital One Labs in San Francisco (Tues, Apr 8)
Speakers will discuss API design beyond REST, complex API design challenges Enterprises face with scaling internal product development, and pragmatic advice for optimizing your API for Developer eXperience (DX).

Rust language and Spoofax (Tues, Apr 8)
Niko Matsakis will speak about Mozilla's Rust language.

April SF Hadoop Users Meetup (Weds, Apr 9)
Engineers Xuefu Zhang and Srayva Tirukkovalur will present "Apache Sentry: Enterprise-grade Security for Hadoop".

Data Workflows for Machine Learning (Weds, Apr 9)
Paco Nathan will compare and contrast several open source frameworks which have emerged for Machine Learning workflows.