MongoDB, Analytics, and Flexible Schemas at Appboy

In this talk, "MongoDB, Analytics, and Flexible Schemas," Jon Hyman, CTO and co-founder of Appboy, discusses how Appboy takes advantage of MongoDB's schemaless data modeling for analytic pre-aggregation. Jon will also discuss how Appboy uses the aggregation framework and statistical analysis to estimate results of ad-hoc queries over tens of millions of database documents. Furthermore, he will also cover other tips and hints that he learned from growing a MongoDB set up to support thousands of writes per second. This talk was recorded at the New York MongoDB user group meetup at Ebay NYC.


Appboy is the leading platform for mobile relationship management. The world’s biggest brands and mobile businesses use Appboy to manage the lifecycle of their users from install to in-app purchase. Appboy collects billions of analytic data points each month and uses MongoDB as its main data store and for the majority of its analytics processing.