MongoDB - 2012 Webinar Events

10gen, the MongoDB company, just announced their webinar schedule through the end of the year.

The MongoDB webinars in the next 6 weeks are:

11/21 Building your first Java Application w/ MongoDB
11/27 Position & Trade Management w/ MongoDB
11/27 Common MongoDB Use Cases
11/29 MongoDB on the JVM
12/4  Processing High-Volume Data Feeds (FIX, FpML, Swift) w/ MongoDB
12/5  Scaling MongoDB through Sharding
12/6  MongoDB for Content Management
12/10 Using MongoDB for Electronic Health Records
12/12 How the Apollo Group replaced Oracle w/ MongoDB
12/13 Simplifying Persistence for Java & MongoDB
12/20 Sharding Best Practices

If you still can’t get enough of MongoDB, their flagship conference, MongoSV, is on December 4th in San Jose with an expected attendance of around 1500-1700 people. You can get the information on the event and tickets at