LinkedIn - Crowdsourcing Series by Vitaly Gordon and Patrick Philips

In this talk Vitaly Gordon and Patrick Philips of LinkedIn will present how the LinkedIn data science team hacks data science using sophisticated data mining and crowdsourcing techniques to leverage the data they already have and create the data that's missing. This talk was recorded at SF Data Mining meetup at Trulia.



Vitaly Gordon is a senior data scientist on the LinkedIn Product Data Science team where he develops data products that most of you use every day. Prior to LinkedIn, Vitaly founded the data science team at LivePerson and worked in the elite 8200 unit (the Israeli equivalent of the NSA), leading a team of researchers in developing algorithms to fight terrorism. His contributions have been recognized through a number of awards including the “Life Source” award, an award given each year deemed most high-impact in saving lives. Vitaly holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and an MBA from the Israeli Institute of Technology.

Patrick Philips is a Technical Program Manager on the Data Science team at Linkedin where he is responsible for the crowdsourcing platform that trains much of LinkedIn’s awesome machine learning. Previously, he was an early employee at CrowdFlower, a market leader in enterprise crowdsourcing, where he developed scalable crowdsourcing practices for relevance evaluation of search algorithms. In an earlier life, his work as a financial analyst for environmental litigation nearly led him into law school. Patrick received a B.A. in International Politics and Economics from Middlebury College.

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