Learning from JavaScript Libraries by Trevor Landau

In this talk, Trevor Landau, from The New York Times gives his talk, "Learning from Javascript Libraries." He discusses interesting patterns that popular libraries like jQuery, Backbone, Angular, and more use to solve problems. This talk was recorded at the New York HTML5 Application Developers Group meetup at  Condé Nast.


jQuery runs on approximately 50% of all websites and is the de facto standard for DOM manipulation. Most front end developers use it, but how well do they understand what's happening when they use the API? How does a library take on the problems it solves? What are the reasons behind some of the techniques it uses? Observing the code under the hood of a library/framework is a fantastic way to become a better developer and thereby user of that library/framework. Better understanding of design patterns in some of the most popular libraries can open opportunities to contribute and be a better open source citizen.


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