Implementing the Kiji Data Model to Build Real-Time, Big Data Apps on Cassandra


In this talk, Clint Kelly (Technical Staff, WibiData) discusses:
- The Kiji architecture and data model
- Implementing the Kiji data model in Cassandra using the Java driver and CQL3
- Integrating Cassandra with Hadoop 2.x
- Building a flexible middleware platform that supports Cassandra and HBase (including projects that use both simultaneously)
- Exposing unique features of Cassandra (e.g., variable consistency) to Kiji users

The Kiji Project is a modular, open-source framework that enables developers to efficiently build real-time Big Data applications. Kiji is built upon popular open-source technologies such as Cassandra, HBase, Hadoop, and Scalding, and contains components that implement functionality critical for Big Data applications.

This talk was given at Cassandra Day Silicon Valley. Be sure to check out our other Cassandra Week tech talks.