Introduction to Sensu

In this talk, Bethany Erskine, Devops Engineer from Paperless Post, presents an in-depth look into why Paperless Post chose Sensu, and how they monitor their services and collect system metrics to send to Graphite. Subtopics will include how we planned for and executed the migration, mistakes they made along the way, how they knew when to scale and how they did scale. Bethany also covers how Paperless Post is making their Sensu setup redundant and highly available, and how they're monitoring and collecting metrics about Sensu and integrating their internal tools with it. This talk was recorded at the NYC Devops meetup at Meetup HQ.


Are you unhappy with the state of monitoring in your organization? Are you successfully automating “all the things” except your monitoring checks? Are you tired of looking at monitoring dashboards that hark from another era? Do you long to access your monitoring system via a REST API. Paperless Post recently solved these problems by replacing Nagios with Sensu, a new and awesome free monitoring and metrics router that is designed with configuration management and cloud deployments in mind.