Introduction to InfluxDB

In this presentation, Paul Dix from Errplane gives and introduction to InfluxDB, an open source distributed time series database that he created. Paul talks about why one would want a database that's specifically for time series and also covers its API as well as some of the key features of InfluxDB, including:

• Stores metrics (like Graphite) and events (like page views, exceptions, deploys) • No external dependencies (self contained binary) • Fast. Handles many thousands of writes per second on a single node  HTTP API for reading and writing data  SQL-like query language • Distributed to scale out to many machines  Built in aggregate and statistics functions  Built in downsampling


This talk was recorded at the New York Open Statistical Programming meetup at Knewton.

Bio: Paul Dix is co-founder and CEO of the Y-Combinator backed company Errplane. Paul is the series editor for Addison Wesley's "Data & Analytics" series and the author of “Service Oriented Design with Ruby and Rails.” He is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups including Web 2.0, RubyConf, RailsConf, and GoRuCo. Paul is the founder and organizer of theNYC Machine Learning Meetup. In the past he has worked at startups and larger companies like Google, Microsoft, and McAfee. He lives in New York City.