Introduction to Cassandra by Patrick McFadin

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In this introduction to Cassandra, Patrick McFadin, Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra at DataStax, will be presenting on why Cassandra is a key player in database technologies. Both large and small companies alike choose to use Apache Cassandra as their database solution and Patrick will be presenting on why they made this choice. Patrick will also be discussing Cassandra's architecture, including: data modeling, time-series storage and replication strategies, providing a holistic overview of how Cassandra works and the best way to get started. This talk was recorded at the Big Data Gurus meetup at Samsung R&D.


Bio: Prior to working for DataStax, Patrick was the Chief Architect at Hobsons, an education services company. His responsibilities included ensuring product availability and scaling for all higher education products. Prior to this position, he was the Director of Engineering at Hobsons which he came to after they acquired his company, Link-11 Systems, a software services company. While at Link-11 Systems, he built the first widely popular CRM system for universities, Connect. He obtained a BS in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and holds the distinction of being the only recipient of a medal (as anyone can find out) for hacking while serving in the US Navy.

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