How RethinkDB Works by Joe Doliner

In this talk, "How RethinkDB Works," Joe Doliner, Lead Engineer at RethinkDB will discuss the value of RethinkDB's flexible schemas, ease of use, and how to scale a RethinkDB cluster from one to many nodes. He will also talk about how RethinkDB fits into the CAP theorem, and its persistence semantics. Finally, Joe will give a live demo, showing how to load and analyze data, how to scale out the cluster to achieve higher performance, and even destroy a node and show how RethinkDB handles failure. This talk was recorded at the SF Data Engineering meetup at StumbleUpon Offices.


RethinkDB, a Y Combinator company, makes an open source distributed database system that’s built to store flexible schemas and scale to multiple machines with very little effort. It has an intuitive query language with powerful operators, and queries are automatically parallelized across machines. RethinkDB is easy to set up, learn, and scale. Some people call it "Mongo without the gotchas".

The RethinkDB team releases features quickly. Check out their blog to get a taste of what they're working on:

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