Hortonworks - The Stinger Initiative by Abhijit Lele

This talk is by Abhijit Lele, Solutions Engineer Manager at Cloudera, recorded at the 10gen headquarters in NYC.

Abhijit will explain what exactly the Stinger Initiative has done for Hive, such as fast interactive Query´s and complete SQL compatibility. This talk was recorded at the New York Hadoop Users group meetup at MongoDB.


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Bio: Abhijit Lele is Solutions Engineer Manager at Hortonworks, and an experienced Tech consultant with over a decades worth of experience. In this talk, Abhijit will walk us through how based on industry standard SQL, the Stinger Initiative improves HiveQL to deliver full SQL compatibility.

For those not familiar with Apache Hive and the Stinger Initiative, Apache Hive is the de facto standard for SQL-in-Hadoop today with more enterprises relying on this open source project than any alternative. As Hadoop gains in popularity, enterprise requirements for Hive to become more real time or interactive have evolved… and the Hive community has responded.

The Stinger Initiative is a collection of development threads in the Hive community that will deliver 100X performance improvements as well full SQL compatibility.

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Background on Cloudera

Today, Cloudera is seen as the leader in providing various Hadoop products and services. Cloudera's software is a platform enabling companies to handle structured and unstructured data. On top of that, there are various analytics that the Cloudera software enables. And that gives businesses a powerful tool to analize their data and get actionable insights into various aspects of their business.

Background on HortonWorks

Hortonworks is an enterprise software company based in Palo Alto, California. Hortonworks works on development and support of Apache Hadoop. The company was founded by Yahoo and Spark Capital. Its technology, the Hortonworks Data Platform, allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers.  Dealing with large data sets is a must for many enterprises, especially ones who do business in social media, or just want to run analytics on their current data. The Stinger Initiative is born in Hortonworks.

Background on Apache Hive

Apache Hive was started as early as 2007 at Facebook. Its main interface is HiveQL. HiveQL has become the most common SQL interface for Hadoop. Since 2007, most of the top technology companies that deal with Hadoop and SQL have adopted this technology. It has become more or less a standard in the industry.

Background on the Stinger Initiative

The Stinger Initiative is an ambitious opensource collection of development threads in the Hive community. The goal of the Stinger Initiative is to deliver 100X performance improvements as well as SQL compatibility. The initiative is based on SQL, which is an industry standard. The Stinger Initiative improves HiveQL to deliver SQL compatibility.

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Little bit more about Hadoop

On this site we have a wealth of articles about Hadoop used by different companies and in combination with various technologies. For some examples, please take a look at our article about using ETL and Hadoop. Or if you are interested in topics like scalable batch data processing, you can take a look at the presentation by Spotify about using Hadoop as part of their scalable batch data processing. Additionally, there is an interesting project called the Stinger Initiative which uses Hadoop in an interesting way as well.