Hadoop for MySQL DBAs

Always in search of best tech talks, we went to the SF MySQL meetup to record Chris Schneider's talk on  Hadoop for MySQL DBAs.

In this talk you'll learn:

  • What Hadoop is and how to leverage it as a DBA

  • What the difference is between Hadoop and relational database management systems

  • How to import and export data from MySQL to Hadoop and vice versa

  • How to use SQL to access data within Hadoop

Bio: Chris Schneider is a long time Open Source advocate and MySQL evangelist, administrator and architect. Over the past decade he's devoted his professional career to Open Source technologies with his primary focus being MySQL at scale. His previous employment has included GoDaddy, Facebook, Ning.com along with his own MySQL consulting company.

He has designed, implemented and maintained small to large MySQL installations while training and mentoring teams of DBAs. This includes building architecture from the ground up and improving on those that are currently in place while emphasizing scalability, performance and ease of use.

Chris has also shared his experiences and knowledge through the many speaking engagements he does like Oracle Open World, MySQL Connect, Percona Live and the former O’Reilly MySQL Conference. Chris is also a technical editor of the second book in the Effective MySQL series “Backup and Recovery” and co-author of the third book "Replication Techniques in Depth"

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