Gobble: The Last Build Tool You'll Ever Need

Rich Harris (front end developer at The Guardian and creator of RactiveJS) takes us on a journey of why and how he created the build tool Gobble, how to extend it, and how to use it in your projects.

Since Grunt.js lit the path to a smarter way of working, there's been an explosion of node.js-based build tools - Gulp, Plumber, Assetgraph and Broccoli, to name a few. Each brings something unique to the table. Given all these choices, why do we need yet another?

Gobble is optimised for developer sanity - it prioritises debuggability, ease of use, and a standards-based approach to creating plugins. This talk explores why these things are so important, and how Gobble works under the hood to deliver blazing fast builds.



This talk hosted by the nodejs meetup at Shutterstock in NYC.