Go after 2 Years in Production by Travis Reeder

Golang Series, part 1 of 2: Talk 1, Go after 2 Years in Production. Talk 2, Using Sourcegraph to Navigate Go Code on Github

Two part video: Talk 1, Travis Reeder, from Iron.io, provides some in-depth details on why Go turned out to be the right choice for the Iron.io backend. He talks about issues related to performance, memory usage, concurrency, reliability, and deployment ease and goes through key areas in the architecture where Go made the difference. Talk 2Quinn Slack from Sourcegraph will show off a tool for navigating GitHub to everywhere a Go function is used or a Go interface is implemented. He will also show you how to use it to make your own open source projects better. These talks were recorded at the GoSF meetup at Cisco SF.


Bio: Travis Reeder is co-founder and CTO of Iron.io, heading up the architecture and engineering efforts. He is a systems architect and hands-on technologist with 15 years of experience developing high-traffic web applications including 5+ years building elastic services on virtual infrastructures.

Bio: Quinn Slack is  co-founder of Sourcegraph, an open source code search and community site. Prior to Sourcegraph, he worked at Palantir and was first engineer at Bleacher Report. He has contributed to many open source projects including go-github, cURL, tcpcrypt, Avro, and TLS-SRP implementations in Chrome and Firefox.

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