Getting started with Shiny with ShinyHelper

In this talk, Jay Emerson of Yale University discusses his new package, ShinyHelper,  designed to help people get started with Shiny from RStudio. This talk was recorded at the New York Open Statistical Programming meetup at Knewton.


More Info: In the beginning of the World Wide Web (WWW) there was HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programming.  And it was good.  New technologies appeared as the web evolved, with JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS) becoming the building blocks of the new millennium.  And it was better.  More recently, packages from Simon Urbanek (FastRWeb) and RStudio (Shiny) bring the power and flexibility of the R language to the web.  Examples will be provided (Hello World and more).  To help people get started with Shiny, I'll introduce my new package ShinyHelper (available on GitHub).

Bio: Jay Emerson is Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Statistics at Yale University.  He has authored many R packages, including bigmemory (and sister packages), bcp, YaleToolkit, gpairs, and others.  He's currently working on a book about horse racing data analysis, and has two very cute and mischievous kittens temporarily housed in his office.

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