Getting Started with GopherJS

GopherJS is a compiler from Go to JavaScript. By now, it supports "nearly everything," including goroutines. It provides an opportunity to write front-end code in Go which will run in all browsers, enabling you to share data structures, code, and libraries from your back-end Go code, with benefits of having gofmt/goimports, godoc, static type checking, and helpful compilation error messages.

Dmitri Shuralyov, software engineer at Triggit shares his experiences, tips, and tricks using GopherJS and demonstrates what is possible today and how GopherJS might be used for production-quality apps now or in the future.

This talk covers getting started and introduction to basics; accessing the DOM using JavaScript calls as well as via Go bindings; using other web APIs such as XHR, WebSockets, WebGL; and using popular pure Go libraries for front-end processing. Dmitri also discusses the advantages and disadvantages, performance, size of generated code, general observations, and status of its use in production apps.

This video was recorded at the GoSF meetup at Chain in SF.