Upcoming Tech Talks: Axial - Having Fun With WebGL by Ben Holzman - 2/25/2014

About this talk: WebGL is a new web standard that allows javascript code to control your computer's graphics hardware, making it possible to create stunning animated 3D games and applications in the browser without the use of proprietary technologies like Flash or Silverlight. This exciting technology is very powerful, but also can be a little daunting if you're not familiar with OpenGL or how the programmable pipeline inside your graphics card works.

In this Lyceum, Ben Holzman will take us on a brief tour of the basics of 3D graphics programming and tip a toe or two in some deeper waters, like what a quaternion is and what it has to do with computer graphics. Then he will introduce the three.js library which makes it much, much easier to create an animated 3D scene than just using raw WebGL.

Ben will finish by demonstrating how to use three.js to make a 3D animated version of the Axial logo.

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Speaker Bio: Ben Holzman is a lead software engineer at Axial focused mainly on the front-end. He has over 18years of full-stack software development experience in a diversity of industries, including finance, broadcasting, publishing and SaaS. A long-time and mostly reformed Perl developer, Ben enjoys hacking python and javascript these days and not having to deal with unstable and unwieldy proprietary real-time graphics software. He's also a pretty decent keyboard player and has recently started learning to paint.