East Meets West - Data Science Giveaway

In this post, you’ll learn about a special data science giveaway and will get a sneak peak at the three talks I’m most excited about at DataEngConf NYC.

Two of my favorite Data Science Conferences are coming up in November (one in NYC and the other in SF), and you have a chance to win tickets to both of them! Here are the giveaway details:

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This giveaway was made possible by the Learn Data Science Meetup community and by our amazing sponsors:

Hakka Labs, the creators of DataEngConf

Hakka Labs is an amazing community for data engineers and scientists comprised of thought leaders at influential tech companies like Google, Netflix, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Slack and many others. And as you know, DataEngConf is one of my favorite conferences (the content and the people attending are incredible!).


Created by my friend Courtney Burton, MLconf is a single day, single track event, devoted to the Machine Learning and Data Science community in major cities, agnostic of any tool, platform or company.

*Note: You can read more about MLconf’s and DataEngConf’s backstory in my Quora Answer: “Data Science Conferences - One List to Rule Them All”

AltWork Stations

To me, AltWork represents a way to code comfortably and healthily. You can stand, sit or recline…these workstations are amazing (I feel like captain Kirk while working at an AltWork Station...)

DataEngConf - The Three Talks I’m Most Excited About

Here are the three talks at DataEngConf that I’m most excited about:

1.) Peloton: the Self-Driving Database Management System

By Andy Pavlo - Carnegie Mellon University

Andy Pavlo, from Carnegie Mellon University, is one of the rising stars in databases. Even his job title is cool: Assistant Professor of Databaseology.

Andy argues that we need a DBMS that ‘manages’ itself, and doesn’t require human decision regarding the configuration or maintenance of underlying database mechanisms.

2.) The Future of Column-Oriented Processing with Arrow and Parquet

By Julien La Dem - Principal Architect at Dremio, Apache Parquet co-founder and PMC chair

Columnar storage has been one of the key innovations of the ‘big data’ era, and we’ll hear about the most up-to-date ways it’s currently being used in tools like Kudu, Ibis, Drill, Arrow and others.

3.) Kafka Streams: Stream Processing Made Easy

By Guozhang Wang - Kafka Committer & Software Engineer, Confluent

Considering how ubiquitous Kafka has become in processing large amounts of data in the largest web platforms (starting at LinkedIn), I’m fascinated to see how Kafka Streams compare to Spark Streaming and which one will take the top spot in modern streaming architectures post Twitter’s Storm.

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