DevOps Week Schedule!

Monday, Jan 27th

Stop Hiring DevOps Experts and Start Growing Them (Video)

Released 12 PM, Jan 27

Everyone is putting “DevOps” on their LinkedIn profile, and everyone is trying to hire them. In this post, Jez Humble from ThoughtWorks will argue that this is not a recruitment problem but an organizational failure. If you want to learn some of the best DevOps practices that your organization can employ, this is the talk for you.

Selenium for Automation – Testing Axial-Style Part 1 (Article)

Released 2 PM, Jan 27

At Axial they recognized the need to make their testing efforts more reusable and they accomplished this by doing what their corpus does best: build. They built Axium, a test automation suite that is easily executed, understood, maintained and configured. This article is part one of an insightful three part series.

DevOps Best Practices: Artsy (Article)

Released 5 PM, Jan 27

Great Q & A in this article as Daniel Doubrovkine, Head of Engineering at Artsy talks about some best DevOps practices at Artsy.


Tue, January 28th

The Page Object Model – Testing Axial-Style Part 2

Released 12 PM, Jan 28

In Part 2 of this three part series, Axial shows how they take a programmatic approach to browser automation using the Selenium Webdriver API and the Page Object Model.

Intro to Selenium (Video)

Released 2 PM, Jan 28

The past few years have seen a phenomenon of software organizations abandoning traditional release cycles in favor of daily or even hourly deployments. Noah Sussman discusses this in detail in this awesome video.

DevOps Best Practices: Axial (Article)

Released 5 PM, Jan 28

We're going to have another best DevOps practices article! This time from the folks at Axial.


Wed, January 29th

Manta: a new internet-facing object storage facility that features compute (Video)

Released 12 PM, Jan 29

In this video, we'll here from Bryan Cantrill, SVP of Engineering at Joyent talk about the coming convergence of data and compute in the cloud. He focuses in particular on Joyent's Manta, a new internet-facing object storage facility that features compute.

Mapping DevOps learnings to management

Released 3 PM, Jan 29

Ingrid Franck, Ramon van Alteren, and Mattias Jansson from Spotify talk about their DevOps adoption aspects, as well applying DevOps principles to a different area: engineering leadership.

Continuous Delivery is Mainstream

Released 5 PM, Jan 29

Google, Amazon, and Facebook all are using very aggressive Continuous Delivery workflows and have been doing so for years - Noah Sussman talks about the widespread use of Continuous Delivery and how the top companies are practicing.


Thu, January 30th

Virtualenv within Debian packages at Spotify (Video)

Released 12 PM, Jan 30

In this exciting video, Chris Angove from Spotify will talk about deployment issues surrounding the use of virtualenv within Debian packages.

Top Ten DevOps Sources to read!

Released 3 PM, Jan 30

These are the top articles selected by our contributors that are a must watch/read for everyone involved in the industry.

DevOps Best Practices: Shutterstock (Article)

Released 5 PM, Jan 30

The third installment in our exciting DevOps best practices series will be from the folks at Shutterstock! They’ll offer some fantastic insight that’s truly worth checking into.


Fri, Jan 31st

Hard & Soft Skills to Avoid Outages

Released 12 PM, Jan 31

In this video, Pascal-Louis Perez, Engineering manager at Square, will cover non-controversial topics such ad TDD, but from new angles. He'll also cover emerging practices like continuous deployment, and softer areas such as engineering management practices geared towards safety.

Pytest – Testing Axial-Style Part 3

Released 3 PM, Jan 31

Selenium and the Page Object Model serve as building blocks for our testing suite at Axial. But we’re missing the glue that connects it all together: pytest. Pytest is a popular alternative to python’s builtin unittest framework offering many highly useful features unavailable in unittest.

DevOps Best Practices: Etsy (Article)

Released 5 PM, Jan 31

In this installment, Etsy will share their best practices in building out the automated testing infrastructure.